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Road Blocker & Barrier

Surface Mount Blocker

Control panel (UP/DOWN/E-STOP) with 1.5m wire

Power connection 1x230VAC or 3x400VAC 50Hz

Proximity Card reader

Sound Warning Horn

Loop Detector

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D Shape Road Blocker

Road blockers come in different constructions, and are equipped to handle different threat levels. Typical designs include beam barriers, where a horizontal steel beam travels through vertical tracks from the fully underground position to the fully upward position, wedge barriers,..

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Tyre Buster

Tyre killer/One way Spikes/Tyre Buster - Heavy Duty Steel Structure - Capable to withstand 100 Ton axle load - Gravity Operated - Side handle to lock the spikes to use both sides of Road - Ready in stock. Please call us and visit our factory to check the items

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The bollard has been developed to be installed with the minimum of civil excavation and their unique design enables a seamless installation on sloping roadways and allows for curves in bollard lines. A flexible and versatile security solution.

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