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Explosive, Narcotic & Chemical Detector

Continuous CWA & TIC Detection System - RAID-S2 Plus

Fully integrated 24/7 chemical monitoring for mobile or static platforms, on land or sea; that requires minimal operator interaction or service support.

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Multi role IMS driven chemical detector - RAID-P

Proven and reliable static or mobile point detection that can be used integrated or stand alone.

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Hybrid Chem Rad Detector - RAID XP

Combines chemical and radiological threat detection into a single system that is robust, portable and also suitable for mounting in vehicles.

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Handheld IMS Chemical Detector - RAID-M100plus

Multi role CWA & TIC detection, identification, quantification and monitoring. Largest on-board library capacity providing best in class results.

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Toxic Industrial Monitor - TIMON

Reliable WEB interfaced protection for critical infrastructure. Rapid alarm and identification of chemical hazards.

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Handheld Explosive & Narcotic Trace Detection - RoadRunner

Unique, Battery operated, lightweight, ECAC approved ETD detector. Accepts both vapour and swab samples, giving benchtop sensitivity in a handheld design.

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Explosive & Narcotic Trace Detection - DE-tector flex

User friendly, ECAC certified, non-radioactive, high throughput ETD detector, with no calibration and minimal maintenance requirement.

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