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Single Element WheelProbe


  • Sensor Frequency: 1 MHz, 2 MHz, 5 MHz and 10 MHz
  • No. of probe elements: Single
  • Active Area: 15 mm diameter probe
  • External Dimensions (max): L: 175 mm H: 135 mm W: 90 mm
  • Connectors available: LEMO/BNC Masterscan Series compatible

  • The Single Element WheelProbe uses Sonatest rubber technology for near-dry ultrasonic coupling

    It features a wide 100mm conformable rubber tyre which is acoustically matched to water, providing low loss coupling into the test part for high quality results without the need for gel or large quantities of water.

    Typical applications include scanning aerospace aileron and fuselage, large area scanning, corrosion mapping, marine mast, scanning and a range of other composite testing requirements.