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MagMan Scanner


  • This most versatile weld inspection scanner, the Magman can be configured for inspecting either circumferential or longitudinal pipe welds. It is ideal for inspections requiring a combination of phased array and one or more TOFD pairs or multiple pulse-echo transducers.
  • The MagMan has large magnetic wheels that provide a stable platform and a smooth rolling motion. The frame includes angular adjustment to enable the scanner to be used on small diameter pipes. It can be used from 1.5" pipes for circumferential welds and 9" pipes for longitudinal welds up to flat plate.

This manually-operated magnetic wheeled scanner is ideal for weld inspection of pipes using multiple probes including phased array, TOFD and pulse-echo.

The MagMan can be used on 1.5" pipes up to flat plate. This robust scanner can carry up to twelve ultrasonic probes.