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Sitescan 500S


  • Test Range: 0-5mm(0.25in)up to 0-10,000mm (400 in.) in steel at 5930m/s (19455f/s) (19455f/s)
  • Velocity: 1000 - 10,000 m/s continuously variable.
  • Probe Zero: 0 to 999.999
  • Delay: 0-10,000m (400in) in steel at 5930m/s (19455f/s) (19455f/s).
  • Gain: 0 to 110dB adjustable in 0.5, 1, 2, 6,10, 14 and 20dB steps.
  • Test Modes: Pulse echo and transmit/receive.
  • Pulser: 200V fixed. 50nS square wave.
  • Rise/Fall times <15nS into 50R load

Sonatest Sitescan Flaw Detectors have always meant highly reliable, technician focused and this range continues this tradition.

The Sitescan 500S offers the end user an entry level broad band flaw detector with full VGA display, sync and proportional outputs and a 50nS (Spike) 200V Pulser.

Typical applications are Weld Fabrication, Corrosion Detection, Forgings & Castings and general UT inspection.