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  • Operates on 3" pipe (Ø88.9 mm) up to flat
  • Accurate positional data acquisition via high resolution encoder (33 steps/mm)
  • Versatile pivoting wheel option for B or D scans
  • Innovative toolpost 'lift and lock' feature: allows for quick change of wedges
  • Reliable brake system locks scanner in position, maintaining scan position
  • Ideal for difficult to access areas
  • Universal tool posts cand hold TOFD or phased array probes and wedges
  • Tool-Free adjustments made using thumbscrews
  • User-Friendly can be operated using just one hand
  • Cost-effective TOFD and phased array inspections

Swift is a compact single axis, magnetic wheeled scanner that holds a pair of TOFD or Phased Array probes for weld inspection. This low profile scanner operates on 3" pipe (Ø88.9 mm) up to flat.

The Swift provides a simple scanner design capable of accurate high performance inspections in difficult-access areas and comes complete with a spring-loaded waterproof wheel encoder to provide accurate position recording for defect sizing of welds.