Our Services

Sagetech International has worldwide system of licensed distributor service centers through which local service and support for both devices and operator can be offered.

Our customers are our first priority and we hold them loyal to us in every situation. Customers choose Sagetech because they know we have a commitment to ensure and they can rely on us every time they deal with us.

To make sure we cater for everyone’s needs, we offer the best standard of service through our skilled and experienced staff that utilizes the profitable measures and authentic equipment.

We commit through:

* Once you deal, all calibrations will be completed in just 3 days

* Verification of unit arrival will be given in 24 hours

* Maintenance to Sagetech manufactured equipment will be delivered within 5 working days from date of receipt. A loan unit can be offered if your maintenance is going beyond the verge of 5 working days.

* A 3 month warranty phase will be offered for all repairs for parts fitted (Also assistance to the general order of your unit will be provided)

* Software upgrades are absolutely free when it comes to units (except if not declared by the customer)

* Model support for 5 years past last production date

Our Valuable Clients