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Finder 3


  • Dimension Height 133mm Width 72mm Thickness 25mm Weight 252g
  • Color Orange
  • IP Rate IP67
  • Operating Temperature -40?~+85?
  • Reading Mode RFID 125 KHz Reading distance 3cm -5cm
  • Communication USB Cable Voice call
  • Battery rated voltage : 3.7V rated capacity : 3500 Amh charging time: about 2.5 hours
  • Battery Life 1?if 500 readings per day with 2.5 hours flashlight on, device can be used for 26 days. 2?if 500 readings per day, can be used for 26 days.
  • Data Storage 32Mbit flash, 100,000 pieces
  • Camera 5-megapixel AF
  • Display 2.7-inch HD OLED

5-megapixel photos record the scene clearly.

32 events record, quantize the patrol.

Magnetic USB design, which is the best so far.

The fourth generation Gorilla Glass protects its screen.

IP 67, lower aftersales service

HD LED screen is clearly visible.

Impact records, pedometer, compass, a flashlight, make the application more intelligent.

Touch buttons design are more flexible and more durable.

The unique site navigation function, high efficiency work guidance.