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FLIR GF320 Gas Imaging Camera


  • Real-time visualisation of very small gas leaks via High Sensitivity Mode (<25mK)
  • Measures temperatures from -40°C to +350°C with ±1°C accuracy
  • Built-in video recording, digital camera, laser pointer
  • Embedded GPS data helps to identify the precise locations of non-compliance
  • High performance LCD and tiltable high resolution viewfinder delivers bright and vivid image in poor lighting environment or under sunlight
  • Lightweight (2.4kg) and robust design
  • Ergonomic features: rotating handle, direct access buttons
  • Dual use, detects gas leaks and carries out electrical inspections (radiometric image data)

Gases detected

Benzene - Ethanol - Ethylbenzene - Heptane - Hexane - Isoprene - Methanol - MEK - MIBK - Octane - Pentane - 1-Pentene - Toluene - Xylene - Butane - Ethane - Methane - Propane - Ethylene - Propylene

The FLIR GF320 is an infrared camera capable of finding methane emissions or other volatile organic compounds (VOC). It can detect very small gas leaks and is ideal for monitoring plant and equipment that are difficult to reach with contact measurement tools.

FLIR GF320 visualises and pinpoints gas leaks in real-time and can scan large areas rapidly. Thousands of components can be scanned per shift without the need to interrupt processes.

It reduces repair downtime and provides verification of the process, as well as improving environmental and regulatory compliance. It is also very safe to use, allowing potentially dangerous leaks to be monitored from several metres away.