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HI-PE/CF Mobile

High Throughput, High Mobility Walk-Through Metal Detector


  • Light, robust, easy to transport and install
  • Cellular-Free technology: elimination of nuisance alarms in General Public applications
  • Minimum floor space required
  • Direct selection of the Security Level (IS function)
  • Acoustic and Visual Signalling
  • Water resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Completely modular: quick installation without tools
  • No Maintenance required
  • Transport Bag Benefits: Protects the Metal Detector during transport and storage; Facilitates moving of the Metal Detector; Includes all parts and accessories; Minimizes storage space
Portable Walk-Through Metal Detector with Transport Bag and no tools required for assembling; ideal for rental and portable use.

Immediate selection of International Security Standards

Detection of magnetic, non-magnetic and mixed alloy metal weapons

All functions programmable and controlled by a microprocessor

Programming via built-in keypad and display or RS-232 serial connection to Remote Control Unit (RCU2), a PC or a computer network

Programming access protected by hardware key

High speed of detection

Very high immunity to electromagnetic and mechanical interference

Multiple installations: automatic synchronization between two or more metal detectors with a reciprocal distance of down to 5 cm without the use of cables

Control unit incorporated into the detector

Professional high integration and reliable electronics

No initial or periodic calibration

Easy maintenance: modular control unit for a rapid replacement