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Santor UNG52 Speech Protector

World #1 security device in preventing eavesdropping

The UNG52 speech protector is designed to reduce the risk of unwanted voice recordings for you and your business.


  • Specifically designed for privacy in face-to-face conversation.
  • Intuitive and simple digital and analog interface.
  • Two operating modes: Voice Mix and Discrete Scrambling.
  • Easy to install, compact, portable and lightweight.
  • Optional: custom-made travel case, mounting accessories and car lighter plug.

Nowadays all mobile devices can record you!

Today, almost all the smart devices that surround us have a microphone: watches, telephones, computers, wireless headphones, etc. without neglecting the clandestine listening devices embedded in various objects such as pens, cufflinks, or eyeglasses! With this omnipresence, your business intelligence is more at risk than ever.

Government Grade Voice Protection

Santor provides governments, agencies, private and public institutions and vigilant companies around the world with a solution that significantly reduces the risk of eavesdropping and malevolent recordings.