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MK5 Eod Bomb Disposal Suit

SDMS Product Code : SE124


Many hundreds of MK5 EOD Disposal Suits are now in use in dozens of countries worldwide, with some countries each having over one hundred suits, and one country having over 700. It is without doubt the most cost-effective high performance Bomb Disposal Suit currently available worldwide and can be supplied in any size required by the client.

The MK5 Bomb Disposal Suit, along with its helmet, is designed to provide bomb disposal operators with the best possible all-round protection. It replaced the MK4 which was in use with NATO and other countries for over 20 years.

The MK5 Bomb Disposal Suit has evolved through extensive research and development and provides the best possible protection against fragmentation, over-pressure, impact or heat, while maintaining a high degree of comfort and flexibility. Its helmet has an in-built variable speed fan with an output of up to 200 litres per minute and the VOX/Duplex communication system includes an ambient sound auto cut-out at 70 Decibels.