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Electro Magnetic Vehicle Shield - IED & UXO Detector for vehicle protection


  • The system is extremely compact and simple and made of four principal components: search antenna with embedded control electronics; frame of support; mounting adapter; remote display unit inside the vehicle
  • Assembly is very fast and does not require tools
  • The electromagnetic detection shield is not limited to the area below the antenna but includes also the space on the two sides of it
  • Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) technology, completely digital electronics design
  • Use of special materials (outstanding resistance to mechanical shocks)


Device name: Electro Magnetic Vehicle Shield (EMVS)

Working principle: EMI – Electromagnetic Induction

Technology: Single piece detector with embedded electronics

External interface: Single connection cable with power supply and communication wires

Power supply: 20 – 30 VDC, 35 W max

Installation: Frontal at the distance of 2 m from the vehicle

Dimensions: Antenna and electronics 2500 mm x 1000 mm x 50 mm

Connection to the vehicle: Quick connection by means of high resistance light support hooked to the standard fixing points, usually no mechanical modifications for different vehicles are required

Total weight: 215 kg

Alarm type: Optical and acoustical in real time inside the vehicle by means of terminal provided by CEIA connected to the serial interface present in the sensor

Expected height of use: 840 mm from the roadbed

Detected targets: UXO and Metallic IED

Soil compensation: Automatic

Discrimination: High discrimination capacity against clutter and medium size metallic objects present in the soil.

Working temperature: from -20°C to +70°C

Degree of protection: IP68

Self-diagnosis: Automatic self-diagnosis system detection of components malfunctioning and connection cable breaking