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Vanguard 5


  • Dimension Height 144mm Width 47mm Thickness 30mm Weight 200g
  • Color Grey , Green, Yellow
  • IP Rate IP67
  • Operating Temperature -40℃~+85℃
  • Reading Mode RFID 125 KHz Reading distance 3cm -5cm
  • Communication USB,(CP2102,USB2.0) upload data 15000 pieces per min
  • Battery rated voltage : 3.7V rated capacity : 880Amh Dimension : 33mm × 25 mm×10 mm
  • Standby time 1、Read tags per second, can be used at least 40 hours. 2、500 readings per day, can be used for 29 days. Five days for low power.
  • Data Storage 16Mbit flash, 60,000 pieces
  • Prompt Vibration with Colorful LED light. Red, Green, Blue, White.
  • Tag ID number 1.8 bit Hexadecimal number in reader (4 byte ), and 10 bit decimalism number in the software. 2.Can be expanded to 10 bit Hexadecimal number ( 5 byte ).
  • The malicious damage won’t be happened.
  • Magnetic cable design. The speed of communication rise greatly. Show IP67.
  • Raw material layers of screening, let you get the most stability system.
  • Four color LED combines with vibration. Easy and convenient. That can deal with every situation.
  • Silicon shell and humanized design, Let users be unable to put down.