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Revolving door Co146.N

Security rotating door, self-managed, round shape without base, removable structure

Revolving Door Co146.NA/.NB/.ND/.NE without doors

Product Features

  • Stainless Steel cover
  • Doors and side glass: BR2/S EN1063, P6B EN356 laminated glass
  • Emergency exit management system
  • Cameras
  • Badge reader
  • IR sensor for person presence detection
  • Biometric acquisition system (Biobank)
  • Face detection system
  • Metal Detector: CEIA 02PN8HIPE LARGE
  • Web console

Automated High Security Revolving Door for simultaneous bi-directional traffic. It allows for users to enter and leave the building at the same time. Equipped with single person passage checking system, it also controls the single passage on each turnstile segment. Door without base floor, equipped with three or four wings turnstile. Ideal door for: airports, companies, datacenters, meeting centers, museums, sport centers and areas where access control is mandatory.

Removable structure. Totally self-managed, it automatically detects the incoming person or in transit and it manages the voice commands (during different phases of transit). Without Metal Detector and without access doors. Access control systems such as badge readers, RFid, NFC, fingerprint acquisition can be added (mounted on external side or column). Glass with anti-burglary and bulletproof high grades.

Available models:

  • Co146.160.NA/.NB*: Ø 1600 x H 2325 mm | Passage: W 660 x H 2090 mm
  • Co146.180.NA/.NB/.ND/.NE*: Ø 1800 x H 2325 mm | Passage: W 750 x H 2090 mm
  • Co146.230.NA/.NB/.ND/.NE*: Ø 2300 x H 2325 mm | Passage: W 1050 x H 2090 mm
  • *NA: steel standard structure; NB: reinforced structure with bulletproof resistance steel (FB4 grade certification). Models Ø 1600 and Ø 2300 are created on request/project; ND: RC4 certified version with reinforced sides and electric locks; NE: RC4 certified version reinforced with ballistic steel on both sides, external and internal.