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Manual Doors Portal CoI122

Round base mantrap (Ø1050 and Ø1150mm), security portal with interlocking doors

Product Features

  • Self-managed high security portal with basket weighing system (Co136) and 4-cell platform weighing system (Co137):
  • Single passage checking system (anti-hostage and anti-piggybacking)
  • Abandoned object detection (weight higher than 200 grams)
  • Doors and side walls: 26/27mm laminated glass (Co136)
  • Doors and side walls: 23/24mm laminated glass (Co137)
  • Person presence IR sensor
  • Traffic light panels
  • Multilanguage Synth-voice system
  • Emergency Button
  • Intercom
  • Interior lighting
  • Portal Console (functions management and setting)
  • Emergency exit management
  • Access Control Systems (Fingerprint acquisition, face detection, etc.)
  • CEIA Metal detector models: PN7, PN8Hipe, PN8Hipe/CF on request

Round base anti-burglary Portal with single person passage checking system and abandoned object detection system (floor). Anti-robbery portal, small dimensions. Designed specifically to be placed in tight or in multiple access entrances (2, 3 or 4 parallel portals). Ideal access protection solution for: airports, banks, companies, embassies, prisons, datacenters, jewelleries, meeting centers, sport centers and areas of particular value. The second door opens only if access controls are passed with successful.

Fully self-managed, it automatically detects the person waiting, in transit, and manages the voice commands to communicate with the customer during the passage steps. It can be enriched with metal detector and access control systems such as: badge readers, RFIDs, NFCs, fingerprint sensors and / or biometric facial data.

Available models:

  • Co137.60: Ø 1050 x H 2350 mm | Passage: L 580 x H 2000 mm
  • Co137.70: Ø 1150 x H 2350 mm | Passage: L 680 x H 2000 mm
  • On request, is possible to add a third manual side door (optional) in order to create an additional service entrance (for internal staff and/or for a protected area entrance).