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T-Gage V Series


  • Thickness Range: 0.20 mm - 508mm (0.008 - 20 inches) (dependant on material temperature and transducer selection)
  • Delay Line Zero Measurement : A uto at power up with listed numeric value. Ideal for correcting delay line wear/curvature & for transducer acoustic drift at elevated temperatures
  • Scan Mode: Displays minimum or maximum thickness value at 20 measurements per second
  • Hold Mode: Holds display to retain last thickness reading with reverse video display (19455f/s) (19455f/s).
  • Freeze Mode: Freezes display.
  • Units : Inches/Millimetres/Microseconds.
  • Gain: Low, Standard or High for varying test conditions.

The T-Gage V series encompasses a range of hand held ultrasonic instruments that are specifically designed to measure the remaining wall thickness of primary steel structures

There are three levels of models; the T-Gage VB, T-Gage V and the T-Gage VDL. A colour display (C) or A/B-Scan functionality (W) can be added to the T-Gage V & VDL, by simply adding C or W to the model number. The T-Gage V series offers features that make your job simpler and interpretation of on site data faster and easier to interpret.

Typical applications include: Boiler Tubes, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, Ship Hulls, Containers, OIl Tanks, Pipes, Steam Lines, Compressors, Shafts, Bridge Pins, Bond Inspection.