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  • Holds up to four probes
  • Pivoting arms to optimise probe contact
  • Tool-posts are independently sprung and gimballed
  • Wheel brackets tilt to assist with misaligned welds
  • Quick release handles allow easy movement of wheels, tool-post and encoder positions
  • Operates in any orientation from 3" O/D up to flat plate

  • This manually-operated magnetic scanner is ideal for weld inspection of steel pipes using multiple probes including phased array, TOFD and pulse echo. The MultiMag can be used on 3" pipes up to flat plate. The compact scanner is highly versatile and can carry up to four ultrasonic probes.

    The MultiMag can operate with any multi-channel flaw detection system. It includes a sprung-loaded wheel encoder that is wired to suit the customer's instrumentation.

    Optional accessories include a guide chain to maintain scanner alignment and direction or a laser guide for the operator to track a weld line by eye.