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MeshGuard CO2 IR

Rapidly deployable wireless Carbon Monoxide detector for use in hazardous environments

Features and Benefits:

  • Alarm Type : Audible, Visual, Vibrating
  • Minimum Temperature : -40 degree Celsius -40 degree Fahrenheit
  • Wireless Technology : MESH
  • Datalogging : N/A
  • Humidity Range : 5%-95%
  • Benefits : Stainless Steel housing
  • Maximum Temperature : 50 degree Celsius - 122 degree Fahrenheit
  • Battery Run Time : 21 days to 6 months
  • Weight : 0.6 keg - 1.3 US Pound
  • Standards : US and Canada: Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C,D, T4

MeshGuard CO2 IR is a rapidly deployable solution for Carbon Dioxide measurement in critical environments. Real-time readings are transmitted wirelessly to a RAE Systems controller for remote display of gas levels and audio and visual alarms using the same self-healing network as other MeshGuard toxic gas monitors.

The MeshGuard CO2 IR offers two sensor ranges:

  • 0-100% Volume with 0.1% resolution
  • 0-5% Volume with 0.01% resolutionv
  • Features and Benefits:

  • Fast and simple to operate with a self-forming wireless network and units come online automatically
  • Local display of gas concentrations
  • Rugged weather resistant housing
  • Multiple controller options for real-time wireless data collection and viewing from over 500 detectors
  • Self-healing network automatically routes data back to controller through best wireless path available
  • Continuous monitoring and real-time data analysis enable rapid decision making and action
  • Battery powered operation
  • Magnetic mounting option for quick and easy MeshGuard installation
  • Application:

  • Environmental Cleanups/ Remediation
  • Fence Line Monitoring
  • Fracking
  • Plant Shutdown & Turn-Around
  • Worker Exposure