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High Purity Calibration Gasses

Pure Gases

Pure gases stand out with their extraordinary quality.

Purify is far above 5.0 ppm__ an extremely low degree of contamination.

Particularly qualified for analytical applications.

Following pure cylinders available: Argon, CO2, Helium, Hydrogen, Neon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Methane, Krypton, Xenon, Zero-air gas, Sulfur hexa uoride, Ethan, Carbon monoxide, Ethylene, Acetylene, Nitrous oxide.

Gas Mixtures

Test & calibration gasses often require very special mixtures.

Up to eight different gasses in one cylinder.

We distinguish between nonreactive, reactive, & very reactive gas mixtures.

Decisive for the performance of the technical device.

Especially true when operating lasers for eye surgery.

The gas mixture is crucial for maintaining performance at the highest level.

Compress Gas Cylinder (CGC)

Medical oxygen, CGC with small volume of2 or 10 liters at a pressure of 200 bar.

Laboratory gases available in a little smaller volume – only 0.9 liters.

Practical cylinders for refiling: environmentally friendly, economical and versatile

Up to a volume of 50 liters and that for all gases.

Constant tolerance ranges of an incredible 2%.

No rental cost and therefore no capital is tied up for rental cylinders.

If the cylinder is empty, it is disposed of, although they boast 110 liters of volume.

Control valves and built-in regulators to gas detectors and chromatography.

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