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Fully featured emissions analyser


  • Large Graphical Display: Up to 15 lines of text/data can be displayed
  • Wireless link from the handset to the base unit: Offering cable free connection
  • GPS Location: Pinpoint exact test location
  • Wireless & USB connection to PC: Use the KANE LIVE software to monitor readings in “real time”
  • Large Internal memory: Can store up to 64,000 tests

Main Purge

Allows sensor zeroing without the need to withdraw the probe from the flue Refreshes the sensors during long term monitoring Automatically protects the sensor from being over-ranged

Active Flow Control

Compensates for sample pressure fluctuation & filter blocking by adjusting the pump speed to maintain a set sample gas flow rate

Built in Printer with additional output to optional portable IR printer

IR printer ideal when working away from the base unit.

Differential Pressure measurement with Pitot flow calculation.

User selectable languages

User selectable standard fuels by country

User defined ‘special’ fuels


  • 02 0-25%
  • CO (H2 Compensated)
  • 0-4,000ppm
  • Pressure 0-150 mbar
  • Efficiency 0-100%
  • Temperature 0-1100°C with optional probe
  • Calculates

  • CO2 (calculated) 0-20%
  • Fuel Types

  • Natural Gas
  • Butane
  • Propane
  • LPG
  • 28 sec oil
  • 35 sec oil
  • Wood pellets
  • User fuel
  • Heavy Oil