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As KANE-EGA1/2/3 plus:

Ideal for:

  • Diagnose engine / exhaust / catalytic converter faults quickly
  • Unique Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) sensors designed to meet official test standards
  • Identify fuel flow, misfire & EVAP problems
  • Pre-compliance & roadside emissions tester - local laws may apply
  • Measure Lambda & AFR to improve engine efficiency & fuel consumption
  • Test vehicles under real world driving conditions
  • Take EGA to vehicle, not vehicle to analyser
  • Test vehicle A/C & refrigeration systems*


  • Large graphic display
  • Unique NDIR sensors for accurate measurements with fast warm up
  • Connect to KANE LIVE & 3rd party Apps
  • Add optional KANE LINK devices
  • Store over 200 tests
  • Rechargeable battery with minimum 4 hour life
  • Rugged & portable with protective rubber sleeve
  • Document test results with optional KANE-IRP3 printer