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Aviation Oxygen and Breathing air Sampling

If your staff members are not properly Hazmat trained and continue to ship compressed gases, your company can be exposed to major fines and other legal remedies for improper shipment of compressed SF6 gas samples, which are classified as hazardous because the gas is compressed.

SF6 Sampling Equipment & Support Documents:

ALI can supply appropriate compressor & breathing air sampling equipment for a wide variety of customer applications; such as sampling high pressure cylinders / compressors, or pressure point-of-use sampling points, or ambient air.

The type of sampling equipment recommended depends, for example, on the grade of air being employed or for troubleshooting suspected breathing air quality issues (ex. odors – suspected contaminants) not covered by standard air specification methods.

ALI’s sampling kits are very easy to use, much more so than kits offered by other commercial air-testing labs that require multiple steps and hazardous needle-based components. Our No-Haz air sampling & shipping kits allow you to obtain a low pressure / non-compressed air sample* and properly, legally ship this sample back to our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory as “non-hazardous goods of no commercial value”.

Unlike many other air testing labs, ALI offers very rapid test turn around report times of 3 – 5 working days. Emergency same-day / 24 hr – or 2 day expedited service options are also available if needed.

*Note: Shipment of compressed air samples requires the customer to have a Hazmat-Certified shipping staff member for proper shipment – which often is not the case.