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Air Sampling Pumps

SKC offers a wide range of pumps for all your air sampling and air monitoring needs. Whether you are sampling for dusts/particulates, vapours/gases, bioaerosols or environmental, high or low flow rates, and whatever your environment we have a sample pump suitable for you. See our Sample Pump Selection Guide for more advice.

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Particle Size-Selective Sampling Heads

SKC offers a wide range of size-selective sampling heads for dust/particulate sampling, including impactors and cyclones.

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Passive Samplers

SKC passive (diffusive) samplers or "badges" are a range of small samplers that collect vapours and gases without the use of a pump. Individual chemicals simply diffuse from the atmosphere into the sampler at a fixed rate. Simple to use and convenient.

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Particulate Monitors

Particulates, or more specifically Particulate Matter (PM), are a mix of solid particles and liquid droplets suspended in air. If not properly managed particulates can be a health hazard to those exposed to them over a significant length of time. Particulates can take many forms including dry bulk foodstuffs, aggregates, aerosols, wood fibers and silica dust. SKC offers a wide range of direct reading instruments and dust monitors for monitoring particulates for personal exposure, workplace exposure and environmental monitoring, from the hand held respiratory monitor to the sophisticated ambient monitor for 24 hour sampling.

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Filters and Cassettes

SKC has a wide range of high quality materials for filters and remains on the leading edge of particulate air sampling through active research and collaboration with leading experts around the globe for sampling media. We can offer Membrane Filters, Depth Filters, Coated (Treated) Filters and Cassettes, as well as a range of filter and cassette accessories

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Gas Sample Bags

SKC produced its first sample bag in the late 1970s. The bag was made of Tedlar® film and soon became the classic sample bag for VOCs. Over the last 30 years, SKC Tedlar bags have been the number one choice of professionals for grab air sampling. However, SKC has also introduced newer high-performance materials, which provide new standards of performance for storage stability and background in bag sampling applications.

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Air Sampling Kits

Air sampling is generally carried out to ensure that workplace or environmental air is meeting regulatory standards and to help Occupational Hygiene and Health and Safety professionals assess employee exposure to airborne hazards. There are strict limits for exposure to hazardous substances, and these are published by regulatory authorities such as the HSE, NIOSH, OSHA, or the EPA.

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Gastec Gas Detection Tubes

SKC offer a broad range of Gastec gas detection tubes. Gastec gas detector tubes are of the highest quality utilising colorimetric technology for accurately analysing a wide variety of gases, vapours and ground substances. Short-term Gastec gas detector tubes allow users to perform field screening, spot sampling and tests in industrial environments to detect hazardous and toxic gases, and chemical vapours - some suggested applications.

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Bioaerosol Sampling Products

Bioaerosols are airborne particles of biological origin (e.g. bacteria, fungi, pollen, and viruses) and their by-products such as endotoxins or mycotoxins and other fragments. Many of the same techniques that are used for non-biological aerosols can be used for bioaerosols. However, to properly evaluate bioaerosol samples, collection procedures must ensure the survival or biological activity of bioaerosol particles during and after collection.

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